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About RHA 


Rocking Horse Acres is owned by Bob & Pam Walsh.  Bob is fortunate enough to have breaks from working on the farm Monday through Friday of each week to tinker with computer stuff. I manage the day-to-day work at the farm, and the Rocking Horse Acres "RHA" breeding program.  Bob enjoys attending the shows & competing in the show ring when possible.  

Our son, James Walsh, owns an operates RHA Training Stables, which is not a part of Rocking Horse Acres.  If you have inquiries regarding training please contact him at 

RHA has been breeding Miniatures

and Shetlands since our children

were very young, in the mid-90's. 

We started in miniatures to dabble

in showing as a family.  I have no

desire to enter the show ring myself,

but Bob and many of our children

have been active in the show ring. 

We were blessed to have a very large family as we raised our children.  Our family includes many foster, adoptive and birth children. 

When we first started in Miniature Horses our focus was on under 34" animals, focusing on the bloodlines of Rowdy, Blue Boy, Little Wardance and crossing them with Kickapoo Nickelodeon, the sire of our "Locomotion" foals. We slowly grew from a few family pets, to a herd of about 15 animals showing the local circuit in New England and sending our best to trainers to exhibit at the AMHA National Show, resulting in Multiple AMHA National/World Champions. After moving to Maryland in 2001 to a larger farm we continued growing and soon became the home of over 80 under 34" Miniature Horses.  







When James opened his training center we also began showing the AMHR/ASPC shows which where often held in conjunction with the local AMHA shows we attended.  AMHR Nationals was added to our schedule and we quickly added over 34" animals to our herd, coming home from one of our early Nationals with our first AMHR/ASPC filly and visiting many Shetland farms that fall.  

Over the years our herd has gradually changed adding more ASPC/AMHR Miniature Horses and about 10 years ago, when the ASPC Congress was held a few hours from James' training facility we decided to send a few to our first ASPC Congress.  In the years following we added many more ASPC Ponies and most recently have enjoyed breeding and showing some Modern Ponies.




While most of the kids are grown now we always have a few youth helping out at the shows and handling the RHA horses in the ring. Back at the farm the

grandkids are starting to get interested in the horses and help out with the

feeding, so hopefully it wont be long before they venture into the ring also.

                                                         In 2015 RHA Classical Sharif was awarded

                                                         AMHR Halter Horse of Year, the first of the

                                                         horses bred by RHA to achieve this special

                                                         award.  In addition RHA was named the

                                                         2015 Miniature Horse Breeder of the Year,

                                                         which is awarded to the breeder whose 

                                                         animals won the most Hall of Fame points

                                                         during the show season. In 2017 RHA was

                                                         again awarded Miniature Horse Breeder of

the year and was also awarded 2017 Classic Pony Breeder of the Year! RHA was represented by horses bred by us being shown in all 8 areas of the Country, plus Europe, New Zealand and Australia. In AMHR we had over 25 horses shown by their new owners all over the World and in the ASPC over 75% of the horses shown in 2017 bred by RHA were shown by their new owners. Over 60 horses bred by RHA earned Hall of Fame points in 2017.  RHA has continued to be named both Miniature Horse and Classic Pony Breeder of the Year in 2018 & 2019, earning over 75 National & Congress Champions along the way.  Below are all of the Horse and Pony of the Year awards RHA have bred or owned. 



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