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RHA Unique River Rose


Encanto Del Rio 2.jpg


RHA Unique Blue Jam.jpg


In 2011, at a show in Texarkana, we saw a beautiful bay stallion, Aalin LDB Encanto Del Rio, being shown by his owner.  He was a rich mahogany bay with an incredible neck set & natural presence. A couple of years later our son had Encanto in training and we had the opportunity to breed a couple of mares to him.  RHA Unique Blue Jam was one of the mares chosen and she gave us a beautiful bay filly!  River Rose went on to be named National & Congress Champion.  River Rose, now mature at 35.5 inches, is a very petite mare with a short body, smooth build and that same incredible neck set.  River Rose's 2019 Filly sired by Legend, RHA Unique Blackberry Tease, is already a National Champion. We cannot wait to see River Rose's 2020 foal sired by RHA Twist of Fate!




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