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RHA Unique Blue Jam


RHA Unique Blue Jam.jpg
Lee-Land Unique.jpg


Wa-Full BennieBelle Blue.jpg


When we first visited Wa-full Farm we couldn't believe how many beautiful horses we saw that were just our type.  The Wait's had a look that we really admired and more than enough tiny ASPC/AMHR ponies to choose from.  On James' way home from his first trip to pick up the ponies we had chosen he called and happened to mention an ASPC Filly, EWS Unique Blue Jam.  Of course he was told to turn around, he could fit one more on the trailer.   Not only is Jam a daughter of Leeland Unique, her dam, Wa-Full BennieBelle Blue is an incredible mare line that has produced generations of top ponies. 

Jam's first foal gave us no doubt that we had made the right choice, RHA Unique Desire would go on to be named Congress Foundation GRAND Champion Mare! Below you will find photos of all of Jam's foals, all have been named National/Congress Champion, all sired by different stallions.  In addition, Jam's foals represented her at the AMHR Nationals and were named National Champion Produce of Dam.  The daughters of Jam that we have retained have both already produced National Champions themselves. 





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