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Thistle Ridge R. Marci



Marci is a very special mare that we never imagined would call RHA home.  In 2012, while at a show in Lincoln, Nebraska, James met Bret & Brian Morgan and admired their stallion, Thistle Ridge Hi-Legend.  It wasn't until 2017 that another Thistle Ridge stud caught James' attention, Thistle Ridge HS Bested. After returning home I mentioned a small bay colt that caught my attention while at Congress, which turned out to be the same one, Bested.  In the fall another beautiful Thistle Ridge stallion started gaining attention, Thistle Ridge HS Brown Bullet.  Early in 2018 we decided to take a trip to Thistle Ridge and hopefully find a special filly or two. When we got there Bret had Bested looking wonderful and while we did not need a stallion, we ended up taking Bested home with us along with a sister of his and a daughter of Thistle Ridge Hi-Legend. We also got to see Ed's dam in person and saw how beautiful and small she was and also that she was back in foal for a repeat of Ed.  Bret agreed that if she had a filly we would have first right on her if he decided to sell her.  When she did have a filly, Bret decided that he wanted to keep the filly, but he would offer to sell us her dam, Ed's dam, Thistle Ridge R Marci! As it turns out, Marci was actually the dam of all the Thistle Ridge colts that had caught our attention over the years, Hi-Legend, Brown Bullet & Bested. 

We can't thank Thistle Ridge enough for entrusting us with this grand mare and can't wait to see what she has in 2020 sired by RHA Unique Candyman. 





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