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RHA Hide Your Crazy


Unique Legend 002.jpg


Mo Exquisite Design.jpg


RHA Hide Your Crazy is out of our first Harbrooks Mo Mischief daughter, Mo Exquisite Design EDV.  Edie was a farm favorite right away, one of our first larger modern type mares that was very short coupled with a big laid back shoulder and beautiful eye.  Her first foal, Hide Your Crazy, made us sure we were on the right track and led us to lease Mo.


Hide Your Crazy was special from the moment she was born with her tiny head and huge eyes.  A tiny delicate foal that we showed at just 8 weeks old and was named Congress Res. GRAND Champion as a weanling! She went on to be named Grand Champion many times the next couple years.  She is expecting her first foal in 2020 sired by RHA Trou Lee Toddy.



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