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RHA Unique Miss Kitty OK


Unique Legend 002.jpg




When we first visited Dennis O'Keefe's pony farm we were excited to see his collection of J-J's Bobby Sox daughters and relatives. But one mare really stood out to Mom, a very extreme type black mare that usually stood off towards the back.  Dennis let us know she was a bit stand offish and an older mare, but when we left Pretty Kitty and her daughter, Call Me Pretty OK, were in the trailer. The daughter, Pretty, went on to produce Legend's first National GRAND Champion offspring, RHA Unique Tigress OK.  Kitty's first foal for RHA, RHA Unique Tom Cat OK, was named Classic Halter Pony of the Year!

RHA Unique Miss Kitty OK was Kitty's next foal, she really takes after her dam in a tiny version.  She has the finest bone with a long slender neck and beautiful topline.  She stands out in the herd just like her dam with her extreme type and big movement. In 2019 she stood out in the ring taking many Grand Champions.  Missy is expecting her first foal in 2020 bred back to her sire, Legend. 




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