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A year-long cumulative award, the Superior Performance Horse/Pony Award has been organized by Rocking Horse Acres to help support, promote and award those showing their horse or pony in the performance division.  This exciting new award will recognize the unique bond between handler and horse in these important classes.  Due to the wonderful support of our fundraising efforts in 2020, we have proceeds of over $1500 to fund these awards following the completion of the 2021 Show Season.

These awards will recognize an animal in both the American Shetland Pony Club and the American Miniature Horse Registry.  The purpose of these Annual Awards is to encourage and recognize those supporting our local shows in the performance division, therefore points will be awarded for their placings in the eligible performance classes earned during local shows. (Points will not be awarded for Congress/National placings, please review attached list of eligible classes)

Points will be awarded based on the show results posted on the Registry Website according to the point system below.

Point Tabulation forms must be received by December 31st to be eligible for these Awards. Forms may be emailed to  Good Luck at the Shows!


RHA Wardances Dr Zhivago

owned by Karen Hunter

Eligible Classes                                                 

Point Tabulation


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